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Best 5 Tips to Choose the Right Property Law Firm

Property law firms play a pivotal role in property development and management in Australia. Whether you are a real property investor or a residential property owner, you will need the expertise and experience of a property law firm to ensure your investment is safe now and in the future.

Property law firms understand the dos and don’ts of the western legal systems. But, aside from that, property law firms will always show up to protect your real property rights and rescue you from unnecessary lawsuits. They also know how to protect your interest in every binding contract and preserve your ownership in cases of mortgages.

But, you need to hire an experienced property law firm to have the best legal practice to your advantage.

Meanwhile, the Australian law society and its legal system have many options to offer when it comes to property law firms. As a result, it can be somewhat challenging to make the best choice since many of the property law firms in Australia claims to be the best.

If you are ready to work with a top-notch property law firm anywhere around Australia, we have the essential tips to help you make the right decision. So let’s explore them one after the other.

 7 Tips to Choose the Right Property Law Firm

1. Check the size of the firm

The size of the Property law firm matters. In most cases, it determines the areas of expertise the firm operates. For example, a typical small-sized property law firm only handles buying and selling residential and commercial properties

At the same time, large-scale property law firms go beyond sales and purchases. They also take a crucial part in the acquisition of land, development, and management of property and also help you create solid, legally binding contracts.

Meanwhile, your real estate interest, goals, or legal needs will determine whether you should go for the medium or large-scale property law firm or hire small-scale legal practitioners. Large property law firms offer stability and advanced property management opportunities. 

In contrast, small-scale property law firms offer lesser but focused legal practices which can work for clients who don’t have the huge amount to pay the big players.

Summarily, you must first determine what you want – if you wish to buy, sell, rent, lease, or invest in several properties before choosing the right property law firm for your real estate project.

2. Know the culture of the firm

There is a prevailing culture in the Australian law society that centers around protecting the legal rights of property owners and resolving legal issues between owners and other persons involved. 

Although you are only planning to hire or work in a law firm as an employee, you must know the culture of the property law firm you want to hire. In addition, you are expected to have a long-lasting relationship with your property law firm. So, it’s essential to know whether you fit into their way of doing things.

Every credible organization has a culture that contains its unique way of handling a dispute, drafting binding contracts, projects, pricing range, mode of operation, customer relations, and the way they respect members of society. 

To know the culture of a property law firm, you need to ask some critical questions, such as: how competitive is the property law firm.? How many hours do they work per week? What caliber of property lawyers works in the firm? How do they treat their clients? How do they handle environmental issues? How do they get people in their community involved? And more.

According to the Australian established legal system, client satisfaction is among the significant benefits a property law firm must offer. If your objectives do not align with the culture and practices of the property law firm, it’s a red flag.

3. Check for reviews from courts and legal professional bodies

Go to a verified legal professional body nearest you to learn about the fundamentals of the property law firm you are about to hire. You can also check the internet to verify the firm’s credibility. You can also visit courts for recommendations about the firm. You can’t afford to hire a property law firm with no credible legal backing or respect for legal issues happening in the community.

4. Research and shortlist premium property law firms in Australia

To hire the best legal practice for your real property, you need to hire the best property law firm to do the job. Fortunately, a few top-10 lists online can help you locate the best property law firms in Australia.

You can start by researching top search engines like Google to find the property law firm best in town. Meanwhile, not all lists you see on the internet have good sortings. However, you can get a good property law online if you are meticulous with the reviews and recommendations.

5. Interview the shortlisted firms

After you might have selected a specific verified list of top property law firms in Australia, the next best thing is to interview them one after the other. We suggest you pick the first five and contact them for questioning.

Depending on the proximity of the property law firms selected, you can conduct an online interview or make it face-to-face. Mind you; an offline interview is always better as it will expose you to the firm’s mode of operation, expertise, and corporate culture.

When interviewing, ask the essential questions and wait for your prospective client to answer honestly. Here are a few questions you can request a property law firm during an interview:

  • How long have you practiced property law in Australia?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Can you show me a copy of your draft costs agreement?
  • Who will I work with within your firm?
  • To whom do I report every issue – a senior or a secretary?
  • How often do you update your clients on property cases?
  • What area of property law does your firm have the best track record?
  • How do you measure the success of your projects?

You must ask the above-listed questions at your first meeting with the property law firm. Any property law outfit that provides the most satisfactory question becomes the best choice.


It is always good to choose the best three property law firms and list their pros and cons. Then, check the firm’s expertise and experience in different areas of property law and compare their costs. You must also compare the type of communication and support each firm promises to offer before selecting which firm will serve you better. 

Above all, get reviews from previous clients of the best three firms you shortlisted. If you get all these right, you can be sure of choosing the best property law firm for your legal and real property needs.

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How to write a legally binding online will in Australia

Hello there! Knowing what things are all about is good before venturing into them. Of course, some believe the online will is a straightforward process. Yes, it is. But there are factors to consider and extraordinary things to bear in mind. 

It takes work to create an online will. Therefore, it will be challenging for someone who needs to learn how online will work. However, writing will online is a lasting legacy in Australia. 

Hence, you need to know how to write an online will. One can find it hard to do if one is unfamiliar with some tips. Let me also chip in something. Online wills are legal in Australia. Once you’re 18 years, you can write your will. 

Therefore, only children are exempted in Australia from writing a will. Is that not good news? Are you ready to go through all it takes to register a will online? Do you want your property to be cared for by your loved ones? Then, you need to rise and do the needful. 

In this write-up, I will give you some essential tips on how to write a legally valid online will in Australia. But before I proceed, it would be nice to create a piece of background knowledge. Therefore, let’s briefly talk about the meaning of the online will. 

What are online wills? 

Do you have a property and want your loved ones to care for it? Then, you need to write a will. Honestly, there’s something about the man that is so unique. Man wants his properties and possessions to be in good condition even after death. 

And that is why writing a will is essential. What is a will? Wills are legal documents that contain how a man’s property must be shared among his loved ones after his death. It involves listing one’s property and assets and creating a strategy for distributing those properties. 

Now, what are online wills? The world is going digital. Almost everything is done online these days. So, gone are the days when people spend time in front of a lawyer to dictate their will. But now, one can do it online without a lawyer’s interference. 

Therefore, all you need to do is to visit online, search for a template and fill out the form online. 

Also, you need to create a to-do list. Then, creating a will is easy. Online will is a straightforward process. So, one can also do a joint will online. Mind you; you can add your funeral service to the plan. I mean, you can list how you want your funeral service should be. 

The legal documents you want to create online will include all your properties and assets. Yes! You must list out all your assets. Like, your bank accounts, cars, houses, and other assets. Thus, this easy process is a legally valid document. 

What makes online will a legally valid document? An attorney will sign it. Remember, it’s an online form. Of course, you need a sound lawyer. So, with an online will, you will have peace of mind. I want to give your clear instructions. 

Furthermore, you can use your property as special gifts for charity. Who can benefit from your property? Your family members, children, and other people can be your beneficiaries. Yes! You can create a lasting legacy. 

Please decide on what to do with your life today. Yes! You need to decide. Hence, your executor will do it as you wish. 

In addition, please ensure you strike a deal with affordable online templates. There are online willmakers with fixed prices. Your future is secure with an online will. 

Hence, your loved ones, partner, and others can benefit from what you’ve achieved. Also, there are free online willmakers too. So prepare your mind and do it without stress. 

However, now that you understand the meaning of online let’s proceed to tips on writing a legally valid online will in Australia. 

How to write a legally valid will in Australia

There are factors to consider before writing an online will. But you must remember that you must work based on the template you find online. Remember, there are several templates for online will. 

Hence, here are tips on how to write an online will;

Ensure your details are up-to-date

The first thing you need to do is to get your to-do list. Then, make sure your details are intact. For a will to be a legal document, one must be above 18 years. 

Of course, exceptional cases exist where someone below 18 can make a will. But that is a complex situation that requires expert lawyers. 

So, make sure your full name is written correctly. Also, remember to write your current address and your identification details. 

State your mental state

You need to hit the nail or come out clear to reveal your state of mind. It is expedient to state you’re of sound mind and your mental health is balanced. Then, make it known that you are revoking other wills you may have executed. 

Do you know why this is essential? You may have written your will before, and you may have changed your mind. So, it is necessary to know the most current one. Thus, the legally binding version. 

Get an executor

In wills online, getting an executor is highly essential. But who is an executor in this context? An executor is someone that’ll be in charge of the distribution. So, please remember that you need to appoint an executor when you’re writing your online will. 

The role of an executor is to carry out your instructions and administer your estate after you’re gone. In addition, an executor will distribute your assets and properties as you wish. 

Therefore, it is suitable to consider that hiring or assigning an executor is crucial. In fact, it is not something a willmaker should overlook. On the contrary, their service is highly needed. 

List out your beneficiaries.

Who are the beneficiaries? The beneficiaries will be in charge of your assets and properties. Beneficiaries are likely wives, children, friends, and family.

Please note that an executor must not be a beneficiary. You need to take note of this to avoid the dubious act. Therefore, it is expedient to list the beneficiaries. 

List out your assets and properties.

You must also list your assets and properties. You must list your properties if you want to spend limited time filling out the form online. For example, list your cars, houses, real estate, lands, bank accounts, and investments. 

Of course, your bank accounts are part of your assets. Therefore, it is expedient to list them.

Be sure of who gets what

Finally, you need to be sure of who gets what. For instance, you must state clearly in your will what you want to give to your wife. Also, you must attach the legal name of the beneficiary to the property to the asset you want to give out. 

Ensure you have these facts before filling out the online form. If you have all you need, you will spend less time writing your will online. 

On a final note

It is good to know what to do before embarking on a journey. Those who skip acquiring information about something end up blaming themselves. 

Dear reader, you have all it takes to make things work. With the above-listed information, I expect you to successfully teach others how to write an online will. Finally, your opinion counts. Therefore, please share your thoughts on this topic with me.  

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